time-based media        installation              photography              performance         objects


selected exhibitions

2021                reMEMBER, früFLIX, Leipzig

2020                not alone, public art installation at Lichtspiele des Westens, Leipzig, Germany

2020                not alone at früFLIX film series, Leipzig

2020                not alone, online premiere retramp gallery (Berlin), Helmut    (Leipzig), art leipzig, pktv

2020                just following, solo exhibition Galerie KUB, Leipzig

2020                One-Off Moving Image Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019                just following, public art installation at Lichtspiele des Westens, Leipzig, Germany

2019                Water Event, Yoko Ono: Peace is Power, MdBK (Museum of Fine Arts), Leipzig, Germany

2019                Film of Chelsea Markuson’s 000 performance, Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, Michigan, USA

2019                My Face, Pertanzform First Edition, Berlin

2018                Standing Suggestively Still, public art installation at Lichtspiele des Westens, Leipzig, Germany

2018                F A K E by Wynton Kelly Stevenson (feat) Pam de Bahr, Krudebude, Leipzig

2017                Bashert, public art installation at Lichtspiele des Westens, Leipzig, Germany

2017                 GAME ON! (Pathfinders), Sagacity Art, Brussels, Belgium

2017                  performed in The Trial – II Processo by Rossella Biscotti
for CuratorLab at the Festival of Future Nows at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany

2017                 participated in APQ Home by Ana Pérez-Quiroga, MAAT, Lisbon, Portugal

2017                 CAMPBASELrevisited, Holzpark Klybeck, Basel, Switzerland

2016                 Chair video screening, I am human premiere, Helmut, Leipzig, Germany

2016                 Everywhere is ground as an ocean here by Julia Santoli video screening, Helmut, Leipzig, Germany

2016                 The Route by Ljiljana Mihaljevic video, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia

2015                 Blauverschiebung NO8, International Festival for Performance Art,
Galerie KUB, Leipzig, Germany

2015                 #instapam @ Gallery KUB, Leipzig, Germany

2015                 Pam de Bahr @ Kultur.Standort|Bestimmung Festival and Congress, GfZK  Leipzig

2015                 .Gif Interactive Arts Festival, Coaxial Gallery, Los Angeles,       USA

2015                 Pam de Bahr, Täubchenthal, Leipzig, Germany (solo exhibition)

2015                 Pam de Bahr @ Leipziger Stadtteilexpeditionen “Sehnsucht

2015                 Kölner Liste, Cologne, Germany

2014                 Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

2014                 Open Duet on behalf of westbesuch, Leipzig, Germany

2014                Alchemy and Metaphysics, Brooklyn Art Space, NYC, USA

2014                Montez im Exil: Ende einer Wanderausstellung, Frankfurt, Germany

2014                Community installation, HGB, Leipzig, Germany

2013                EXtra Trails experimental film festival, D-21 Leipzig, Germany

2013                 Two Americans Offshore, Westpol, Leipzig, Germany

2013                Montez im Exil: Frankfurt —> Leipzig—> Nürnberg

2013                 HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia

2013                 Pink Shoe Spiral, public art installation, Leipzig Oper Augustusplatz,
Leipzig, Germany

2013                70.000+  (curator and exhibiting) Colonia 110 Halle 20E, Spinnerei, Leipzig,

2013               ONEsize, Artspace. Basel, Switzerland

2013               Gegensätze, Sächsisches Staatsminsterium der Justiz und für Europa,
Dresden, Germany

2013                First Settlers, Halle 14 1 OG, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

2013                 Ich setzte den Fuss in die Luft, und sie trug, The Museum, Leipzig, Germany

2013                  Single Fare, RH Gallery, New York, USA

2013                 Mutatis Mutandis, One-Sided Story, Halle 14 Spinnerei, Leipzig

2012                 ZERO PLUS ZERO EGAL ZERO, Leipzig, Germany

2012                In Our Yard film night, down TOWN, Stuttgart, Germany and Luru Kino, Leipzig, Germany

2012                Ozmosa, One-Sided Story, Halle 14 Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

2012                ExTRA  experimental film festival, Galerie Kub, Leipzig, Germany

2006                Colors Notebook, Pompidou Center, Paris, France

2004               Cover It Up, solo exhibition, Any Way Gallerie, Berlin, Germany

2000                Medium, Air Gallery, London, Uk

2000               Exuviation, solo exhibition, Digital Room, Fotografisk Center Copenhagen,

selected internships

2000              Digital Room, Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen, Denmark


2020               Art Goes East Festival, Leipzig, Germany (curatorial team)

2019               PKTV, Designer’s Open, Leipzig, Germany

2015-now      Helmut art program, Leipzig, Germany

2017               Bashert, Lichtspiele des Westens, Leipzig, Germany

2013              70.000+, Colonia  210, Halle 18 Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

2013              Schöneschnitzenoize, Pilotenkueche, HALLE 14, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

selected residencies

2018-now      Artistic Director / Coordinator PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program

2013               Assistant Director Pilotenkueche round 20, HALLE 14 Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

2012                 May-Nov   One-Sided Story, HALLE 14 Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

selected writing and photography

2018-now         Arts and Culture writer Leipzig Glocal

2015- 2018       Arts and Culture Director Leipzig Glocal

2014-                Art-rated, NYC, European correspondent

2013-2014       Deutche Welle photo galleries with texts

2009-2013       cultural specialist in art and dance including interiews with Jochen Plogsties, Inga Kerber, Jon Beer,  Maya Lipsker, Mario Schröder, Alex Ketley, Irina Pauls, Heike Hennig, and Companie Mintrotundschwartz, Leipzig Zeitgeist Magazine, Leipzig, Germany

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